When ?
  • Registration into the system is tailled FIRST on a statewide basis.
  • The Citizens Access Network exists immediately!
  • ALL federally elected officials across the state are subject to the dynamics this action will produce.
  • The message being delivered is backed by the inescapable power of the Super Voter-Nominator.
  • The message being delivered is backed by the unmistakable organization and purpose taking shape around that.


No Protest!



The Exercise Of Our Power!

The capable people having demonstrated an unambiguous understanding of their system and power now HAVE STANDING.

Specific demands to meet our greatest dangers and highest priorities can be formulated and SERVED upon the officials responsible for those spheres; here examples of national level concerns - which must be delivered to federal officials - are illustrated.

These are the officials we have at and for this moment and they will either:

  • Have to respond constructively, (they desire a political future)
  • Wish to respond constructively, (they will be unshackled and relieved)
  • Ignore these events knowing that will be remembered! They will be punished at the next election and it will be recorded that they were on the wrong side of history.

As various communities and leadership emerge, the stakeholders can engage to determine with laser focus exactly what several actions should be taken and demands made.

Priority Action-Demand
Debt Crisis A task force formed and formulated by WeLeadUSA constituencies will meet with the appropriate governmental bodies of the legislature or executive (i.e. Senate Finance Committee, House Budget Committee, Office of Mgmt and Budget) to immediately schedule public hearings that will consider the recommendations of the task force study to unravel dangerous speculative instruments operating in the financial markets and unwind federal and municipal debt exposure to limit bubbles and shocks to the system.
Emergency Orders A task force formed and formulated by WeLeadUSA constituencies will present a list of “emergency orders” that are currently operative in the United States that direct legal and public policy nationally to the appropriate officials of the executive and legislative branches for a full public hearing regarding their origins, effects and their continued necessity.
The U.N. - NGOs and International Agreements A task force formed and formulated by WeLeadUSA constituencies will present a full review of U.N. and/or international initiatives or treaties that are operative in the United States of America and of the administrative bodies - NGOs, associations etc.- responsible for their implementation on American soil.
Findings will presented to the appropriate national officials of the executive and legislative branches in public hearings to determine their origins, purposes, effects and continued necessity.
When ?

The Strategy

  • The committed population of the capable people have successfully put phase one of the WeLeadUSA strategy in motion based on the state-wide tallies.
  • This allows for the same demand process to commence at the State, local, and county levels; therefore, the network exists immediately at the district level as well.


No Protest!



The Exercise Of Our Power!

Building the Greater Citizens Access Network

  • As the social proof of that success and its results compound-more people will come to understand and offer the necessary support.
  • Building out the facilities necessary to create district mapping and accommodate the media strategies detailed in the Citizens Access Network display will begin. Visible constituency meets genuine new media within 3-4 months.
  • Within a years’ time, most of features - and no doubt many new/others - detailed in Citizens Access Network display have been completed.
Priority Action-Demand
Militarization of Local Police Forces and Control of Policing Functions and Priorities A task force formed and formulated by WeLeadUSA constituencies at the appropriate local and state levels will review all local police policies related to military equipment procured from or provided by the federal government as well as other central policing functions and priorities.
This in order to establish the means and methods for civilian-citizen oversight that will assure a binding authority of the people over local policing and their relations with federal authorities, as well as local policing goals, methodologies and the disciplining of officers in the field.
Education, Schools and Common Core A task force formed and formulated by WeLeadUSA constituencies will review the policies of their State Boards of Education to determine the status of its adaptation of the common core curriculum.
This, leading to the creation of the priorities and demands to be served upon the appropriate officials that will ensure local control of education and quality standards, the appropriate flexibility for teachers to practice their craft, and the regulation and purposing of standardized testing.
Small Business Revitalization; Regulations and Best Practices A task force formed and formulated by WeLeadUSA constituencies will present its full review with its priorities/demands to be served upon the appropriate local and state officials that will simplify associated regulations that will fuel local, small business enterprise.
Lowering barriers to entry, eliminating taxpayer handouts that suppress competition, streamlining tax and zoning policy and a comprehensive effort to de-bureaucratize - while still providing essential protections - are all necessary to support small business development at the local and State levels.

That the power exists for the people of the United States of America to “reclaim” their country (as it is so often put) is not a matter of conjecture or opinion.

The WeLeadUSA contributors have established and produced throughout the pages and content of this site the political science and social proof that leaves no question; THIS IS FACT.

However, the means by which that power could be channeled made systematic and thus capable of succeeding to create an enduring, decisive, and effective presence of a vast and diversified people can only be suggested; and it has been!

Yes, the contributors are of the OPINION that there is no better, or other way to get what so many have demanded, agitated, fought and even died for over the decades and centuries and this raises the question; does a better idea exist? Here we do not believe it is a matter of opinion to say no, there does not.

That FACT has also been established throughout this site with empirical evidence that only an entrenched and immovable mind would argue against. Therefore it would seem we are left with two choices:

  • We do the little this strategy asks, and let that little amplify and take effect as it is shared with and acted upon by others. As has been demonstrated, it won’t take much to do a lot; encourage others and sparks will ignite!
  • We do nothing or, continue fighting the last war; insanely keeping to the tried and untrue. However, if that is ones choice, any complaints, protests or general angst and anger must be understood as hypocritical and self-destructive. Because, whether one believes we face dangerous inefficiencies or outright danger, if there is way forward that’s been ignored- it’s on you.

The WeLeadUSA contributors contend that no opportunity to change this country, by putting power and responsibility in the hands of her people – will ever ask less and do more. However, for that to happen, we will all have to lead.

sheriffs in the United States


Immediate impact: Simply upon registration, communities of WeLeadUSA members coalesce as they are tallied within/by State; the first level of visible constituency is formed, the network exists and the power shift commences.
Next Phase(s): The parsing of districts at all levels with that the full alignment of district-constituency to it’s elected officials.

This is the simple built-in, natural organization of our country. Our homes, our voting districts are a network superhighway that connects us to all of our very many elected representatives and each other. The proximity-coherence effects takes root.


Understood as Super Voters; nominators/likely primary voters, and potential organized supporters of new candidates and candidacies, even the broadest constituency of the state-wide citizen-voter populating the Citizen’s Access Network ensures all elected officials at all levels – county to federal – are enmeshed. The message is sent. Next phase(s) The constituent communities and their media systems begin to get organized and ready to work.

The concerned public can form a nucleus from which the preparations necessary to serve notice can be made. Demonstrating resolve and planning never before seen, member-users will communicate to elected officials at all levels exactly who the nominators and electors really are and to whom allegiance must be owed. NO PROTESTS; power-projection!


Immediate impact: Elected officials – as well as responsible people within government – will see that the capable people are acting powerfully. Both the sincere and clever will see which way the wind is blowing and that they too are now unshackled and free to act.Next phase(s): The competition dynamic can begin as the gravity of the greater network begins to pull.

This will create the “safe-space” that will give strength and confidence to all sincere people who will join, speak and take responsibility. This is will be a pivotal development; a signal is sent. National and global awareness of change and a drama-retribution free environment of acceptance are established.


Immediate impact: Leveraging a contract “variant” appropriate to levels and local situations the forming WeLeadUSA constituencies can begin to immediately prioritize and demand from incumbent officials what is necessary to begin the repair and healing process.Next phase(s): Offer support to emerging aspirants for public office thus solidifying competition and pressure dynamics.

These activities also serve to get the networks user-members further organized as people’s level or area of participation can be determined. Working within as a director, organizing at the state-local levels, or directing ones interests and talents in many other ways; that sorting process starts here.


Immediate impact: As the statewide tallies bring the network into existence:

  • Constituency is formed
  • A strategy is established
  • Notice is served
  • Demands are decided upon and presented
  • Power is projected

This will get the attention of all media concerned with public affairs and that conversation will change.Next phase(s): The media concepts and partnerships outlined begin to produce content and the full force of media and power dynamics take deeper root as envisioned.

If we show up, they show up. The political and media landscape is both fused and changed as the most powerful audience ever assembled becomes firmly established.


Medium-term impact: Success succeeds and the trend establishes the new national direction. Even those in the country who take a more distant interest in public affairs will see that the capable people have acted and they too can make contributions appropriate to their levels of interests and ability.Next phase(s): The WeLeadUSA approach has proven fast and effective. With its internal requirements met, public engagement dynamics will ensure the Citizens Access Network will be funded, built and populated; therefore capable of realizing its full scope and potential.

The power of this structure is very different that those that depend on the quantitative; like ad based models.Even the “more distant” registrant into the network, who might be active only closer to an election, still carries great weight and force as a potential nominator. Here, each time the constituent population increases, the power of that constituency AND the overall network increases many-fold; even if used less intensely or often.


Long term Impact: It will stick; it will endure and it will change a lot of things!

Its real power – our power – and it’s perpetual; if we work, it will work and if we show up, they show up!